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A Garagiste Winery

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A humble garage winery in North Vancouver run by a small collective of passionate wine folks. Sourcing fruit from around the world to produce wines that we love.



Garden of Granite Winery is situated in North Vancouver's burgeoning new Brewery District in Lower Lonsdale. We're located on the 2nd floor of an old industrial building, right above our sister project, La Cerveceria Astilleros, a new Craft Brewery celebrating the vibrant culture of Mexico. Both projects are spearheaded by Andrew Doyle and the team at Lone Tree Cellars (not the Cider company!), a boutique family owned wine & spirits agency founded in 2006. The team, a collective of wannabe winemakers, negotiants, and travelling salesmen, started turning water into wine in our humble little garage in 2020 - for us, a date of pride.


The original plan was to find good quality grapes either locally or internationally and create small lot handcrafted wines to sell to restaurants in kegs. We had great relationships with restaurants through our agency, and thought we had a solid business plan. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit! Some restaurants temporarily closed and most that stayed open operated at much lower capacity. On-premise sales were down significantly and we asked ourselves, "...what happens now?". Well, in a year filled with uncertainty we decided to go for it, and started bottling our own wines under our label - What Happens Now? - a poignant metaphor for 2020!


Our winery really is an old garage, so the french term 'Garagiste", seemed apropos. Even more fitting, the term garagiste in wine was coined in reference to rebel winemakers who, without resources or a chateau, broke tradition and started making wine in their garages in Bordeaux. While North Vancouver is a long way from Bordeaux, we find inspiration everywhere, and hope we can inspire you to come check out our little garage winery sometime soon!

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